bitch fest

bitch fest

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that's me! cute huh?


listening to ---> someone's loud ass typing next door

days till i'm no longer singe ---> 116

Its Tuesday, blah, but its Fat Tuesday... yahoo... luckily I'm not Catholic anymore so I don't have to give up anything for Lent this year. But I still might. I was thinking chocolate, but then why deprive yourself of yummy food? So that's a negative GhostRider on the chocolate. Then I thought, hey I'll give up something... but I can't tell anyone what it is. It'll be a tough one, but I should really do it anyway. So I will keep my secret to myself and see if I can make it till Easter :).

So Willie is out driving around LA with a lady from his work, totally forgot her name. And I guess they're gonna have dinner up there, trying to "wait out the traffic". Uh-huh, yeah... whatevers. I'm not mad or anything, b/c I wouldn't want him to be upset if I went out to dinner with a co-worker, b/c I do it all the time. But them alone in a car together... just them two... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yeah... I'll keep my mean thoughts to myself.

So work is sucking A. I'm so behind, and I probably shouldn't be blogging, but hey it takes like 5 minutes, no biggie. Plus I stayed hella late last night. So there! But I'm going back to work b/c I just looked on my desk and freaking SOMEONE put shit in the wrong place... grrr, will she ever learn, don't think so. F...

Aiight, lates
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