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bitch fest

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listening to ---> wedding CD from Michelle and Sam's wedding :)

days till i'm no longer single ---> 18

In the middle of a battle of wits with my future in laws, well not even really, b/c W's mom doesn't speak english, so wtf... its not fair that b/c of their beliefs, W and I have to suffer. Okay, gotta remember one thing out of all of this, never marrying a Korean guy ever again, that's for damn sure.

Watched Finding Nemo again on Saturday morning, W wanted to see it, damn there were a lotta kiddies up in there. W said he kept getting distracted, it was pretty cute though, at one serious part of the movie, you hear this one kid go:
Son: Mommy...
Mom: Yes son
Son: I love you...
Mom: Yes i know honey, i love you too, but shhhhh.

Again later at the very end:

Son: Mommy? I just want more popcorn, can we just get more popcorn...
Mom: Yes dear, the movie is almost over.

So cute.

Anyways, have to share my dissatisfaction of my SPA experience over the weekend.

So i have my four treatments done, get an herbal wrap, a full body massage, a facial, and a pedicure, ahhh, all relaxed, take a nap when i got home... cell phone rings, totally ignore it b/c i'm relaxing... check my voicemail later and i hear this...

Wendy from the SPA: Hi Charissa, this is Wendy from Sante Day Spa, hope you had a good day. One thing, looks like Jenny undercharged you by $60, so we're just going to charge you another $60 and then add 15% on top of that b/c you didn't tip very well. If you have any questions go ahead and give me a call... I'll be here on Monday, I'm sure you'll be okay with this....


First of all, not my responsibility to make sure YOUR employees take care of their shiz... so fast forward to Monday:

get a call at work
Cha: Hi, this is Charissa
Wendy: Hi Charissa, this is Wendy from Sante Day Spa, did you get my message, did you understand it?
Cha: Yes, I got it, but I actually have a problem with it, but I'm gonna have to give you a call right back.

We say our good byes.

Later that day, I finally get in touch with Wendy, she returns my call back on my cell phone (still at work its about 5:35 pm):

Wendy: Hi Charissa, so let me explain what happened, it was Jenny's first Sunday here, and I stepped away from the office to run home real quick while she was ringing you up (totally not true - saw her right there as i was signing for the amount they charged me). So you have to understand she's not very experienced with all this.
Cha: Oh I understand your problem, just don't think its MY responsibility as the customer to have to fix a mistake your employee made. I signed for a specific amount, was not given an invoice totalling up my services, and I tipped what I felt was appropriate. I don't believe you have the legal right to add charges to my credit card AND add more tip, b/c i only signed for a certain amount.
Wendy: Well it is your responsibility to pay for your treatments in full. Its your moral responsibility to pay us.
Cha: I did pay, you gave me a piece of paper with an amount on it and i paid it. And its not my "moral" responsibilty to make sure you do your job correctly. I'm the CUSTOMER. And I don't understand how you are still in business if this is how you treat your clients when YOU make a mistake. When you make a mistake as a business, you eat it, you don't call your customer and demand more money from them.
Wendy: Well it happens all the time where we miss charge someone and they just pay it and agree to it.
Cha: if this happens all the time and other people are fine with it, then Good for you, but you just lost a possible returning customer and I can guarantee you, that no one I know will be going to your SPA ever.

So she goes on and on about the excuses of why this has happened and WHY i shouldn't have a problem with it.

Eventually she just says, well i'll credit your account, i don't want to fight with you about this. We hang up.

She calls back AGAIN 15 minutes later (still at work):
Wendy: Hi, i credited your account with the extra money we charged. And I was talking to someone about this and they agree with me that you should just pay and I don't want to argue with you...blah blah blah
Cha: (interrupting her) Look, I'm tired of you arguing with me about this, you keep saying you don't want to argue, but by you calling me and telling me I'm immoral in not paying you, that's just ridiculous and I'm tired of thinking about this. So if I see the charge, i'm disputing it, even if you did reverse it. It won't go through till two days later. So have a great day and good luck with your business....
Wendy: (still babbling) - (Sharon thinks she sound slike she's HIGH....)blah blah blah
(TOTALLY HANG UP ON HER MID SENTENCE) - very tired of speaking with her.

So that was my lovely first experience with a SPA. Don't ever go to Sante Day SPA... it sucks ASS... well at least their employees do.

SO anyways, back to work, b/c after this whole Willie thing and i'm so emotionally drained, they should fire me... :-/

xoxo cha

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