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bitch fest

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that's me! cute huh?


listening to ---> potential first dance songs

days till i'm no longer single ---> 25 - good God!

So the lakers lost, oh well, I blame them for my boring ass summer downtime. haha. Its all good, we'll get em next year *sigh*, the bright news... THE QUEENS AREN'T IN EITHER!!!! hahaha. goood!

So my latest flick catches: The Matrix Reloaded, Bruce Almighty, and Finding Nemo... this is going to be an awesome summer for movies... that's all I can say. I laughed my ass off last night watching Finding Nemo, Bruce Almighty pleasantly surprised me, and how could things get any better with Keanu Reeves barely speaking and just looking gooooooood??? :-p

One bummer, Charlies Angels 2 comes out THE DAY BEFORE OUR WEDDING, WTF, have they no consideration??? hehe. Oh well, we can catch that flick in Maui... ummm NO, got some better things to do on my honeymoon... like SHOPPING, just found out at the shops at Maui (their big mall) has a Louis Vuitton AND a Tiffany & Co!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be in HEAVEN. Beaches EVERYWHERE and LV and T&C.... ahhh, if there were a Mecca for me, it would be this... haha.

So things are coming along nicely with the wedding (quite happy as a matter of fact), picked up my dress last night with my Sista... I'm really glad Jillian is finally into it. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about how cool we used to be... hopefully now that Esperanza is done, we can get back to old school hanging out. She's developed this "I'm too cool to do that" kind of attitude sometimes, but I think it'll wear off, she's still just the big old dork that i love. :)

I have some work gripes but you know what, i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO over all this shiznit, i'm moving on. I need a new job anyway :-p. Okay, so before they fire me, i should get back to work... lates yo, dude, sweet, totally! - and i actually do speak like those turtles, just not as severe!!!!

xoxoxo, cha
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