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bitch fest

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listening to ---> the muffled jibber jabber coming from the office next door

days till i'm no longer single ---> i'm afraid to count

Ok, so the lakers are down 3-2, that's ok, they COULD'VE won last night, the rim is rigged, that's all i gotta say. I know there's a guy with this little remote control that shrinks or enlarges the hoop at San Antonio. :) haha. Anyways, even if they lose this year, its ok, three in a row, is a pretty darn great accopmlishment.

So anyways, i'm hungry, not that that has anything to do with this BLOG, but just thought I'd share. So my goal to lose 20 pounds before the wedding is pretty much shot out the window. Oh well. I'll just get to be a big old heffer up there in front of everyone i know. haha.

So we've rec'd like 20+ RSVPs, all saying they're coming... oh good God, we're in trouble. haha. Oh well, if we have a lotta people, we have a lotta people. Feel like... you know what, nevermind...

Moved in last Friday. Fun, tired, poor now. Still need to purchase a dining room table. Really want to buy a new bed, but the other one is still pretty darn new, only like a year and a half old I think... maybe two. i dunno. How un-economical would we be to just buy a new one? eh... guess we'll see how much $ we get, if any...

Freaking Mrs. P, what the heck was up with those Ugly ass ceramic containers... wtf... i would have rather she not bought us a present at all, b/c after we saw those ugly things, we had to decide what to do with them. All I can say is SOME PEOPLE ~roll my eyes~ and move along. I think some people are just REALLY REALLY REALLY bad at purchasing gifts... I personally would not buy a gift for someone that I would not want myself, that's just my rule of thumb. And I think if most people in the world followed that, we'd be a happier gift-giving/receiving society :).

Ok, i need to find food, laters!!!


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