bitch fest

bitch fest

the comments and concerns of charissa

that's me! cute huh?


listening to ---> my illegal space heater

days till i'm no longer single ---> 54

Bring on San Antonio Baby! So anyway its Cinco De May and check this out....

ssumolang: does OSEC usually celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
the cuuutest: no not really
ssumolang: oh, I thought there would be some kind of happy hour event like St. Patrick's day

Umm, yeah, not gonna happen eh....? I'm mean... I need to be nicer... esp since someone could totally just read this.

Ok, so gotta drive down to Mission Valley today, perfect opportunity for me to pick up my toasting flutes, BUT I have to bring Shalina with me, BUT, her BOSS isnt' here for me to ask if that's OK!!! wtf... Its 9 freaking Thirty! Anyways, I guess she overslept, but I have to ask her a few things...


I'm tired and I watched X-Men last night with Willie, Bodax and Fred. That was a good flick, totally recommend it. So we mail out the invites today, hopefully, if Willie remembered to bring them to work.... probably not.

Ok, i'm freaking HUNGRY.... need to find sustinence, lates.

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