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bitch fest

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that's me! cute huh?


listening to ---> people walking by in the hall

days till i'm no longer single ---> 157

Yahoo, the Lakers FINALLY closed out the damn series against the Timberwolves, sheesh that was annoying. So on to the Semis against San Antonio, so excited, b/c I really like to watch Tony Parker play. Hope the Lakers can get themselve sout of this one.

So I just got a call from Marco, only to find out he's been working up here in c-bad for about a month and just NOW tells me. That butthead :). So now we can go to lunch, yahoo! He works at Upper Deck, gotta find out what he can hook me up with :).

So just finished the invites up for Mom's friends and family. Doesn't feel like there were that many, but on the other hand, Willie has the majority of them, so I just have a handful. I have to think of something to buy Connie to thank her for her generosity, they're much better than those generic invitations that everyone sends out, not that I would care so much if I did end up with those, b/c I do think most of them are very nice. But, definitely wouldn't have had our picture on the back of it :). So cute.

Got the e-pics back from Georgia a while ago. Now the tough part, choosing which one of those beautiful pics to use... I really like how they turned out, but it seems like the one pic i hate the most, EVERYONE and their mom likes it and says its the best one, go figure.

So the Bridal shower is Saturday, kinda bummed that Krista, Sarah, AND Johanna can't make it. :( Oh well, hopefully they can make the bachelorette shindig we're gonna have. I don't want it to be a big deal or anything, would really like something lo-key and i've told Vick that anyway. So hopefully it will work out.

Ok, back to work, might blog later, a lot to catch up on.

laters yo.
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