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bitch fest

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that's me! cute huh?


listening to ---> can't really concentrate on listening to anything since there is this terrible stink right now... i blame Pat Guerin

days till i'm no longer single ---> 106

Willie was down here last night, it was nice to see him. I miss seeing him every day. It'll be cool to see him every day after we get married and junk. Imagine that, seeing your SO every single day, whataconcept!

Got the toes done last night at the Four Seasons :). The more I see the facility/resort, whatevea, the more excited I get to finally just have the wedding. Its gonna be cool. At least I'll think its cool and so will Willie and I suppose that's all that matters. :-P

So Sarah was "offended" about my last listening comment... hahaha, i found it rather amusing. oh well, fine I'll leave ya out of it from now on, how's that?

Okay, I'm outtie, keeping it short today, I'm still pretty perturbed that I can't find that freaking file... anyone reading this... have you seen project file 2074, and if so can you please return it, thanks, appreciate it much.

Aiight, i'm OUT.

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listening to ---> stupid Sarah talking/bitching (same thing) (haha)

days till i'm no longer single ---> 108

Met with a florist today, that was FUN, not. Actually it kinda was, but the whole $$ thing, NOT FUN. So we'll see about him, he's really good, I liked all his ideas, he showed me some of his work, really awesome. But nearly twice what I was planning on spending. I was looking in the $2K range, maybe $2.5K... dude, he wrote up the quote... nearly $3700... ahhhhh!!!!!

So I'll meet with a couple more and see how that goes.

Damn, its been nearly a week since I wrote in here last. Hi, can we spell slacker class, C-H-A-R-I-S-S-A. Very good. :)

Sheila's in town... W's out to lunch with her.... hmmmm, haha jk... anyways, I'm Audi 5000.

oooh, wait, one more thing... so I was watching Angel last night, freaking episode with that ghost that is freaking Cordy out in her new apartment, scared the heck out of me... didn't/couldn't fall asleep until 11:30ish... grrrrr, i'm still spooked right now, how lame is that? okay, for reals though, byeeeeeeeee

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