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days till i'm no longer single ---> 114

So today was pretty routine. Except that Nikki isn't in the office and Jodie left early, so I'm here alone. Well not really alone, but you know what I mean.

So WTF about Cordelia being EVIL??? How gross is that? Making out with the big beasty thing.. and then being prego with Conner's baby... and trying to seduce Angel way back when... grrr, yuck!

I need to come up with about another $5K within the next three months... do ya think I can do it? Let's calculate this now... I have 3 months remaining, if W give me $800/month until we get married, that should just about cover it, if I can come up with the other $800. Hmmmm, Let's see, just put in $250 so I'm scheduled to give up another $550. I think i can handle that... maybe. Damn. I guess no more shopping for me.

Well okay, scratch that I need about another $4,733.15. But that's just getting technical. Where the heck did the darn time go??? The last thing I remember, I had about a year to plan this wedding.... Sheesh.

It's nearly time to go home, BUT I haven't even approved ONE invoice yet. Maybe I should get on that... There are like 50 things I need to do, but I can't sit myself down for two seconds to get serious about even one of them. Maybe I'll just bring these invoices home and work from there. Its too hard to concentrate here.

I want to go work out tonight, but that doesn't look like its going to happen. I need to finish my damn laundry, especially since we're leaving for Vegas on Saturday. See, and now someone wants to go get their drink on tonight, and I can't hang out... sheisa. Oh well.

OK, adios for today, maraming salamat sayong lahat. OK, bye.

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days till i'm no longer single --->115

Today I have a doctor's appointment, blah. I really don't want to be going to that. Yuck. There is just way too much crap to do here at work. I'll be gone for a little while. Guess I'll just stay afterwards.

Oooooh, so I bought Angel Season One on DVD... ahhhh, forgot how cute Doyle was. Damn, they should bring him back to life and put him back on the show. Irish accents, pretty damn hot. :-p

I'm SUPER hungry right now. Considering I only ate once yesterday... Damn I shouldn't even come back to work after my appt, I should just go home and watch Angel. I wonder if a new episode is on tonight.

I'm being super random... I want a new car. I seriously want to trade in or sell my car so I can buy my S2000. So damn cute. Eh, we'll see. Okay, enough for now, I'll blog later.


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listening to ---> Harry Potter 2 in the background, Malfoy is wondering why Crabbe and Goyle are acting so weird...

So I went out to dinner tonight, had Mimi's, I was craving French Onion Soup, but didn't even get it. Eh oh well.

I was re-reading Rak's letter that she wrote to me. :( Makes me so sad. That's what I should do tonight, write them back. I miss them a lot. They were sooooo damn cute. They seriously made me realize that I do want to have kids. After only spending two weeks with those cuties, I could see how a parent could want to give EVERYTHING they had to their children. It really turned my thoughts around about having kids.

Speaking of kids we were discussing what Sharon should name her child. My front runner is my sister's name, Jillian. I really like my sister's name. I think its pretty. If it were my choice I'd name my daughter, Michael. I know its weird, but there is something about a girl having a boys name. I really like it. Let's see, if it was a boy... Ryan, or Dustin... our DJ's name is Dustin. Sierra is a really pretty girls name.

Anyhoo, so today's the LAST day I can do what I am supposed to give up for Lent, and after the day I had today, I'm really going to need it... hahaha.

Damn 14 more minutes for these damn gel thingys... I really hate doing them. But I do think my teeth are actually getting whiter! hehe.

Okay, gonna talk to my lil sis. She had her first "doctors appointment today"... ifyaknowwhatimean. :)

Till tomorrow, sayonara!
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listening to ---> LOTR 2 in the background, its the part where Gandalf is explaining how he killed that big baddy Balrog

So now its Monday night, I'm having issues showing the color of the bridesmaids dresses to Mom b/c apparently Jessica McClintock's website is D-O-W-N. Lame ~insert rolly eye face here~.

I'm enjoying my new and improved "fuck it" attitude about work gossip. I get irritated for a little bit, then I figure you know what, its none of my business, so what the hell. :) I know W will appreciate it more b/c I'm SURE he's sick and tired of hearing about work folk. haha. Oh well. He's gonna have to live with a lot more shiz if he plans on staying married to me! hahahahahaha

I'm hungry, but there's nothing really to eat, I'd rather get some coffee or something, but I'm too lazy to go get some. Plus my stupid Starbuck's card is at $0 right now. haha. Guess I should re-load that shiz.

I should probably just research digicams since we're about to buy a new one, yipppppeeeeeee!!!!! So excited. But we should really get the other one fixed AND our stupid camcorder... damn that camera. Paid mucho dinero and its already broke twice. LAME! I should have figured you can't fit all that stuff into that tiny ass package. Anywho, guess that was my fault, I wanted the cool little silver one that just came out... and now I'm paying the price... oh well. I still like it, only if it would start working... blah.

Anywho... i'm OUT... gotta unpack and then pack some shiz up... can't believe i'm leaving soon... so freaky... what's my Mother going to do with out me? hahaha. Aiight, i'm out!

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listening to ---> Lisa's heater next door

days till i'm no longer single ---> 117

So its Monday, again... and I didn't get to go boarding... damn you Salazar... haha. Ummm, instead we registered for all kinds of shiz at Crate and Barrel. That was fun. There were like 20 other couples registering, it was kinda funny... I felt like we were following this one couple around. We even scanned a lot of the same items...

We bought our wedding bands (scary!). Freaks me out a little bit. But its all good in the hood. Met with the tux guy, got that taken care of. Met with the Florist. Might need a new one... :( Changed the color of the wedding. Saw a really pretty blue color that I think would look a little more summery than the red. Now I just have to break the news to my Mother... yeah, that's going to be fun... blah!

Hung out with Bodax and Fred. I hadn't seen them in like a whole month and a half. That's no good. I should make it a point to go out with my GFs a little more often. Willie and Fred always see each other, because of basketball, but Bonnie and I only get to see each other on the weekends, kinda like me and Willie :) haha. Funny.

No drama update with Mom. At least not since Friday afternoon. All right... I''m going back to work, gotta look busy at least haha ;)

I'm OUT.
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