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I woke up LATE... :( I'm still on time, but now only have 45 mins to get ready for the ENTIRE DAY! Shiz. Well even though Dave was laid off he seems to be a new man. Its amazing, if you looked at him, you wouldn't think that he just lost his job. All he can talk about is all the things he's able to do now, I'm a little jealous. haha.

Its now 8:12, I have even less time to get ready, shouldn't even be blogging right now, but I'm procrastinating... plus W is in the shower. So I'm just sitting here in my towel, not getting ready... yeah, I'm lame.

So the drama continues b/t my Mom and her oldest sister, and apparently, Mom isn't exaggerating this time. I called my oldest cousin Rachel, and she told me that my Aunt does this shiz all the time. So, I'm about at my wits end and am about to make that phone call to give my Aunt a talking to. She's seriously not being herself and I'm a little worried. She can't blame people for G-pa dying. He refused to take his insulin. She of all people should know how bad that can get. I just don't get it. I really didn't need all this drama before my wedding, but what the hey...

Okay, it is now 8:17... I guess i should get ready, don't know if I can make it all the way through to tonight... dancing and drinking... WTF?? Nah, for that I'll force myself :) :) :). haha. Plus its Bodax's b-day. Can't miss that. Arrrgggghhh, okay off to LA, Palos Verdes, Irvine, HB, and Anaheim... then probably Tustin after that... sheesh... what a freaking busy day...

Oh and one last thing, whiskey tango foxtrot about the freaking gas prices... I'm gone for two weeks, and everything goes whacky on me... okay, enough for now... byeeeeeee

xoxox (just for Sharon haha)
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Well yippee it's Friday. :):):) I don't really want to be at work right now, I'd rather be SNOWBOARDING!!!!! Damn. Oh well, maybe I'll try going up on Sunday. Can't take a day off work, just got back, duh! So this weekend is going to be super duper busy. Even just Saturday has enough shiz packed in that could last two weekends. Here's the low down:

Friday: Chill with the fiancee, have some dinner maybe with the Best man and the girlfriend.

Saturday: Wake up super early, get ready, drive to LA to check out wedding bands for me and Future Husband and an engagement ring for one of the Groomsmen's girlfriends (soon to be fiance) :), head to the tux place in PV with Dave to pick out the tuxes for the Men, drive back down to OC to meet up with Connie to pick out paper for the future handmade invitations :), drive BACK UP to Huntington Beach to meet with Ed's Mom = our florist. AND THEN we have a surprise b-day dinner to attend to for one of my bridesmaids and GOOOOOOD friend Miss Bonnie F Yee. :)

Sunday: Was hoping to go snowboarding, but after Saturday, what would YOU really be wanting to do?!?! :) So if the snowboarding doesn't happen, then we'll be registering all day, and I do have to stop by Tiffany's to pick up another Bridesmaid gift. Phew, have so much shiz to do.

So the best deal we'll get on the Chevari's is $7+... what a RIPOFF. But cheaper than anywhere else. Shooooooot. At 175 guests, that's about $1,225, that doesn't even include tax and delivery. Pooooooo.

Well that's enough for now, gotta get back to work, see ya!

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Whoa, I really haven't blogged in a LONG ass time. Well it is now the year 2003... how sad is that its been over a year since I've written ANYTHING in here. So my life is up in full swing now. I got engaged back in January of 2002, to my wonderful boyfriend/fiancee of nearly 5 years...

Umm, what else, the wedding will be at the Four Seasons Aviara in Carlsbad, the ceremony will take place at 6:00, but we're putting 5:30 on the invitations, Filipino and Korean folks have a tendency to be late... :)

The only remaining things we have left to do are the DJ and the coordinator. So we have the DJ on hold until Monday, I'm pretty sure we're going to go with him/them, we just have to mull it over a little longer.

The flowers, food, photographer, have all been taken care of, need to do the tuxes, take care of my dress, ensure the BM dresses are ordered, get a veil, and do my hair and make up trial. Damn, there's a lot to do... :(

OOOOh, need to research rental companies, we want chevari chairs, but now we're thinking we'll just rent chair covers for the charis that are currently there. Damn... those chairs are $7 a pop... not including delivery, and this includes a 10% discount... dayum!

Anyway, gotta run, i'll post more later!

kisses, cha
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