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bitch fest

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listening to ---> the TV, a Friends rerun is on...
Haven't blogged in a while. I'm bored. Willie and I just had a great weekend in San Francisco. We did the touristy thing and went to Alcatraz and hung out at Pier 39 with my friend from school Jackie. She was a trooper and took me and Willie with her everywhere. She's so sweet and a really good friend. On Sunday she took me and Willie along with my cousin Marissa from Chicago (a travelling nurse now stationed in San Fran) out to Napa Valley to visit the wineries. That was a fun time, no more wine though for Charissa... ooohhh boy. At least not for a while.
So work is hectic. I'm glad though, it definitely makes the time go by faster.

Can you be too jealous of someone? I guess I'm overreacting, but that is what girls do, you know? Well I'm gonna go now, I can't wait to go on our next trip though, VEGAS BABY VEGAS! Woo hoo! byeeee, cha
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