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So my mother is not speaking to me. A lot has happened since my last entry. I don't even know where to begin. Well I guess things will never be the same between my Mother and I ever again. She flipped out for some freaky reason and tomorrow is her b-day and whatever. She is seriously not dealing with this whole menopause thing very well. She's still pretty young, but there is like no other explanation for her serious mood swings. It's really bad lately. The funny thing is, is that she doesn't even know it. She's like so normal one minute and then the next is like a total 180. Its very hard to deal with, I know it's hard for her, but she doesn't even contemplate how difficult it may be for all of us around her. Its like you think you are dealing with a normal person, but you aren't, her hormones are like fluctuating like crazy. Well enough of that, I've decided to not allow myself to allow her to rule my emotions and what I do in life.
Willie and I are going to San Fran this weekend. I'm so excited. I haven't been there since I was a little girl in Middle School with braces. :) Anyways, I'm going to go now I'm trying to look busy! haha. Seriously I have tons of work to do. So TOF my friends. :) Byeeeee cha
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