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This is my new favorite song. Damn. It's so annoying, but I like it. So this week didn't turn out to start out so great. First our CFO goes anal on everyone and at about 8:01am she goes around and puts "your late!" signs on everyones computer screens if they were late. Hello??? How old are you? About 50+ but not very mature I see...oh wait I forgot, you bought N*Sync tickets... hmmmm..... Luckily I am NEVER late, knock on wood. So she couldn't put one one my computer. But J got one and paula, actually almost everyone got one except for me and Nikki (my boss). Oh well. Not my prob. And then I got yelled at for something that was for sure not my fault. Formulas were screwed up in our database that links to our proj. status sheet. And somehow my boss figured that I did something wrong, when I don't even know how to formulate those cells, and that I'm wasting her time by making her search for the problem and how to solve it... duh!!! She apologized later after I pointed out her mistake, but damn. How rude! And then... there was a cash flow meeting at 9:30am which I had no idea was happening b/c my our e-mail server was all screwed up and our CFO was looking at me like, "Aren't you coming???" And then my boss was wondering why I was still in my office and then Tara (acct. girl) was like hello??? it started at 9:30... whatevers... I didn't get the f***in' e-mail. I wasn't even ready to present my stuff... so I had to wing it... not too bad if you ask me. :)
Anyways, this past weekend I was obliged to meet up with some old friends that I wasn't really interested in seeing. They are old staff memebers from SPOP 1997. I mean I felt really awkward being there, I was great friends with them in the beginning and now though... it has really changed for me. I'm not the girl that wants to drink at every party and blah blah blah. I was that way my first year on staff and it really messed my stomach up and my sleeping patterns... now I think I've grown up a little and life doesn't have to always be a big hang out fest. And alcohol does not always need to be involved when I have fun. It was good to see them though. It was nice to see old friends. But I consider them to be in my past. I don't mean to sound all high and mighty. It's just our different perspectives on life.
Well I gotsta go... bye I'll blog at work tomorrow, if i'm not completely bogged down like I have been for the past two days... oh I have more gossip about Michele, someone remind me.... byeeee! Love you Willie, bye, cha
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