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Well Willie is back from Orlando, FINALLY! We get to play with our iBook together. Yeah it finally came in the mail! Damn! At least I didn't wait as long as some other poeple. Some folks were waiting for months. My wait was only for about two and a half weeks. So the other day when I came back from SD, I caught the end of the Real World/Road Rules casting special. These people are just so sad. One big old black guy was saying that it would be the end of his world if he didn't get on the show and that if he can't make it on to either cast, his life is worthless. PUH-LEEZ! Just to let you know the guy didn't make it on the show and I'm sure he's doing just fine. My goodness, this was seriously pathetic. I'm not saying that I'm all that or something, but I don't need a tv show to let me know that I'm a worthy person. I mean c'mon. It was just sad really. Sad as in pathetic. The people were all crying and crap. That was just so lame... so anyways...
I get to see Willie today, finally! There is so much gossip going on in the office I don't even know where to begin. Well first, Dorothy has been spoken to several times about being late and not having the elevator open at 8:00 and now she is bringing her freaking dog to work every day! Michele has been copping attitude to Nancy our HR manager and Michele is supposed to be her assistant, what's that all about. So anyways she's going to get a talking to as well. Now Diane, our CFO sent out a message encouraging everyone to be at work on time, doesn't apply to me b/c I'm here at 7:55 every morning but it sure does apply to everyone else in the office besides the managers. So anyways, there is tons more, I just don't feel like typing it all. So anyways I'm gonna go... I'm so excited to use iMovie... very cool. I like Mac... lotsa fun... okay willie: I (L) you! bye,cha
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