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I'm at work so I'm sort of working haha. Well last night I went to my first ballet class in forever, or any dance class for that matter. It was fun. I went with my co-worker Tara. It was actually fun. There are a couple of hookers there. It was funny. Not really hookers, just girls that don't care what they wear. So anyways... I spent $39 on shoes and tights and then $21 to register at this community college. Damn. Oh well. There isn't much going on in my life... I'm getting my hair cut today. Actually if I were talking to Vince I would have to say I'm getting all my hairs cut today. What a dork. I wonder what he's up to? Willie is leaving for Orlando this Saturday. Once again I have no boyfriend on the weekend. :( Oh well. This week I'll be up at Auntie Annie's for Marissa's going away party. She's traveling to San Fransisco with Eric for that traveling nurse program. How fun, they get to live anywhere they want. That is cool. So I'll get to see my family this weekend. Umm what else, my iBook still hasn't come in yet... dangit. I'm so annoyed. I want it to ship today! So anyways... I'm tired, I have so much crap to do and I'm a little sore from yesterday. Since we were late to class I didn't get to stretch before hand and now I'm feeling it. Oh and I have to write more about what the hell Buffy said to my sister. Damn all this EdL crap is getting way out of hand... it's ridiculous... so anyways... I'll blog a little later! cha
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I know it's cheezball. But I actually like this song. It's fun music. Which is definitely what I need right now. There is so much crap going on. I know that I'm supposed to take out the freaking trash. I do not need to be told every 10 minutes. I'm freaking 23 years old. I'm not 12 anymore. I need to move out. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm at my wit's end. It's Tuesday, I know tomorrow the weird guys come by with the big noisey truck and take the trash away. I know this, it's been the same the whole time we've ever lived here, actually I think it moved from Monday to Tuesday a while back... well anyways... I'm 23, I shouldn't be living at home anyways... Damn... I need to move...
I'm really frustrated... I found out last night that Willie is going to be gone on my birthday. And of course it's because of his freaking family. His cousin is getting married in Chicago on the same weekend as my birthday just so happens to fall this year. Somehow they always manage to ruin some part of my year... it's not even the holiday season and it's already creeping up. Damn. I just need a new life. This is so sad. If only I never was born filipino... who am I kidding? I can't help who I am, nor should I care about having to prove myself to some people that only cared enough to judge me before they met simply because I am of another race. How f'ing ridiculous is that? I'm so sick of dealing with this... damn.
I hate my life... I need to buy a new one... not to mention that my stupid iBook probably isn't going to get here anytime before Monday because they are still "assembling" it. How lame is that? Geez. It would have been faster if I read how to build one and built it myself. haha. That is about as humorous as I'm going to get right now... well off to take out the trash... isn't it amazing how not one person had to remind me... well geez, how the heck is someone supposed to do anything without them reminding them b/c they never stop reminding... Did you ever stop to think about that one... I wasn't even home yet and my Mother calls me on the cell phone to tell me that it's trash day... hello!!!!! I haven't even gotten there yet... How much money do you want to bet that no one got the mail either... hmmmm.... let me check....did I call it or what... okay, it's 9:17 p.m. I've been home for a total of 77 minutes... I have done two things in the last 5 minutes that easily could have done during the day. I don't get it... anyways enough bitching... God only knows I've heard enough of it and not just from myself. Good night. cha... well not probably going to be a good one... nor a good morning either... oh well. That just goes along with the theme of my life... bye~!
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