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Yeah I'm feeling a little mushy right now, don't really know why. So nothing exciting is going on with me. Willie is still in Vegas. Apparently he's up by $2.00! WOO HOO. haha. At least I get to see him tomorrow. I'm still waiting for my computer. I don't know why I'm so anxious right now since it's not coming for another week. Damn!
And I just found out that my webhost for my pictures is going down. Damn. So now all this is going to go away... oh well have to find a new host. Geez, first and now what the hell is going on???
Well tomorrow at work we are going to have a potluck/BBQ thing because our office over in Stafford, VA moved into a nice big building that just has them in it. I heard it's really nice with a big old sound studio and a lab and a training facility. It's a brand new. We should get to move into a new building. The elevator never works, well that doesn't really matter for me since I take the stairs, but there are some lazy ass people that I work with. But there is a freaking golf course right next to us and the old people that get to golf during the weekdays keep hitting their balls over to our parking lot... hello??? If you are that terrible at golf, maybe you should go to the driving range and practice a little more. My car, thankfully, hasn't gotten hit yet, but tons of other people in my office have big old golf ball indents in their hoods and doors. It really sucks...
So that is my gripe for the day. I'm tired... I think I'll mindlessly surf on the web now... bye bye, cha
p.s. hi Marlo if you ever read this page :)

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So the Lakers won Game 4... Yeah baby, only one more to go! Truthfully, I kind of want them to lose the next game so that they can win it at home. But if they want to go and ruin it and win four games straight, then fine, I guess I won't complain. haha.
So I'm looking all over the place for a cool laptop bag. Can't really find any that don't cost about $200. This sucks. I don't know where to look. I guess I'll just keep searching. So anyways... I wish I got to work out today, I'm feeling lethargic. Anyways, Willie, I miss you babes, hurry home. :)
Fred and Bonnie: I hope you guys read this, otherwise this is just a waste. haha. I'm kidding. I thought I would put another pic of you two in here so here you go:

Paris was so much fun, I only wish I got to enjoy London in the same manner. Oh well, maybe next time!!! haha. But I think our next trip is going to be either Florida so we can swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove, or Greece, or maybe New York again. That would be cool. So I'm gonna go now... have to shower! Nighty night! cha
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Heylo... I'm chilling at work right now... I'm a little bored and annoyed at my boss. She is telling me to fix something in our database that isn't my fault and she's implying that I do it all the time... hello???!!! It wouldn't be wrong if she would not micromanage and do it herself before she gets the right info. She updates it before I can get to it, but the problem is, she's using estimates instead of actuals and so when I go in there to update something, I see that it's already in there and go about my business, but it's not the right info... damn. I guess I should double check, but if I have to double check everything that she does, it's going to take me an eternity to process in new projects!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, enough office gripe.
I want to find reading material on the new iMac, but I can't find it anywhere. It's all still the old stuff. I guess all that info won't come out until there is a whole new version! haha. That is so lame, I'm so excited, I just want it to come in the mail now!!!
I didn't work on my upper body yesterday, I'm kinda sore from Monday's work out. Damn. Plus now I won't get to work out tonight b/c I wanted to catch all of the Laker game. Dangit. I pushed myself way too hard yesterday though on the cardiovascular stuff. It was tough. I sweat profously. Is that how you spell that? Anyways. It makes me feel good though when I get up on that eliptical trainer and people come and go and I'm still there sweating away. It's kinda cool. :) Not much else is going on with me. Hopefully the Lakers will pull through today and come out with another win in Philly. I really want them to win. And even if they don't, at least the series has been really exciting. I think the NBA is rigged so they want to get all their moneys worth b/c the Lakers swept through all their conference a nd need to make it up here in the finals. haha. Just a theory, not a good one, but a theory none the less. Okay, I gotsta go... got to pretend I'm working again. haha. bye byes, cha
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Willie baby, I hope you get to read this. Hee2. I know you are in Vegas. Play a hand of pai gow for me. haha. I'm a little bored right now and when I get bored my mind starts to wander. Like always. So I was thinking more about this credit card fraud thing. I'm really upset. But it's weird, I'm not furious. I mean I was when I first found out and I was seriously ready to shoot something. But I'm okay. After all, it's not like they really stole something that I "have". Besides my good credit that is. But I'm not liable at all for their wreckless use of my credit card. Stupid people. Man it just really gets me going knowing that there are such evil people out in the world. Damn. So anyways.
My poor Mom, she's really sick. I told her not to go to work this morning but she still went. Stubborn lady! Here's a pic of her: and that's my 'lil sister with her. Hi Mom and Jillian. Aren't they cute! haha. Well Mom, I hope you get better soon. I'm sure everything will be okay.
So there is nothing but drama going on up in the EdL world. Pretty lame. People need to get off their high horses and step back down to reality. But hey, I don't know those people very well anymore so it's their duty to take care of their own personal dramas. I'm just glad I'm not involved in it all. See God knew there was a reason for me to age out when I did. Not like everything was honky dory when I was there, but at least it was nothing compared to this mess. It seems to be cleaning itself up nicely for the remaining EdL members however. I wish them the best of luck next year, plus it doesn't hurt that they are getting some kick ass instructors! Right on! Soon they'll forget all about... what's that guys name again??? Damn, it slipped my mind! Haha. So anyways... I'm going to go watch a little boob tube before getting ready for bed. Nighty night! cha
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This is Fred, Bonnie, Me, and Willie inside of the pyramid of the Louvre. Taken by a little Japanese lady. :) Damn was it cold there! BRRRRR!
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Wow, it's been a while again. Well I just purchased my new iBook<. I am so excited. This is going to be mine and Willie's computer. I can't wait until it comes in the mail. However, I have recently been the vicitim of credit card fraud, so I was really worried about purchasing this over the phone and giving my info out to people. I hate f*ckin people who can't go out and make their own money instead of using other people's. What the hell is that all about?
Willie is in Las Vegas. I miss him dearly. Just recently David's girlfriend Jin was down here for a visit and we all hung out that weekend. It was fun, we got to watch Shrek, which I know some of them were not thrilled about, but I knew they liked it. :) We gambled until the wee hours of the night. I found a new interest. Texas hold 'em Poker. Plus the boys were playing Hacky sack while the girls were playing cards so I was like what the heck is the big old deal about playing hacky sack. So I decided to give it a try. Wow, that was fun. I even went out that Monday and bought one. That activity really works up a sweat. I'm having a ball, I think I've gotten pretty okay with it. haha.
So back to my iBook. Actually it's "our" iBook. I need to find a book that tells me all about it while I'm waiting for it to come in the mail. Damn... those dang back orders. We decided to get the CD-RW/DVD-Rom combo drive. And upgrad the hard drive to 20GB. Not too shabby. With 500Mhz and a G3 processor, I should be good to go. :) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh i can't wait any longer... Well anyways... I should go back to work now... I hope this publishes, it didn't seem to work last time... laters! love, cha
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