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bitch fest

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Damn it's been a while. I've been back to work for a while. I've been promoted. I am now a Jr. Contracts Specialist. I'm pretty darn proud of myself. Well just of the title. Just because it doesn't say "assistant" in it anymore. YUCK. Well it has now been 3 years and two months that Willie and I have been together. I love that dude. The distance has been getting harder. I was crying a lot for a long time. I try to push back the bad thoughts away but usually at night time they just come back again. Especially when I lie there all by myself with no Willie to hug at night. Well anyways, that is drama that is constant so it doesn't change. In fact I'm getting sick of hearing myself complain about it, which I am sure goes along with Willie's sickness in hearing it all the time. But that is why I love him, he'll continue to listen to me bitch no mater what. Love him!
I have to put our pics into an album already. But that is going to take some time because I want to do it all nice and stuff. Well we'll see. There is not much going on in my life besides Willie's little casino night on Friday and I guess we're hanging out with all the roomies and the girlfriends on Saturday. That should be fun, if we can agree on a movie. Oh well. I am definitely going to watch Shrek this weekend, everyone who's seen it loves it and says it's so funny. So I'm going to watch it no matter what everyone else watches... well I'll blog a little later and this time it won't be a MONTH later. Bye!
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