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CONGRATULATIONS ESPERANZA DE LUZ!!! I forgot to say that earlier this week. They just won the world championships over in Wisconsin. I would write the city that they were in, but I am not positive about how to spell it. So anyways. Congrats Jillian, I'm so proud of you. I wish I could have been there to at least witness it. But everything happens for a reason. So I guess God never wanted me to have a gold medal. But that's okay. At least you got to do it. Too bad you can't show it off to Greg. Haha. OH well. There is a reason for that too. Well congratulations again guys. I'm so happy for you!!! bye!
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ONLY 5 MORE DAYS!!! Yeah...I can't wait. I'm so nervous. So much stuff to take care of before I go. I'm wearing my Irvine sweatshirt today. It's so cozy. But I feel all yucky because my hair is acting kinda weird today. It's just not as smooth as it usually is. I just didn't feel like gettig out of bed this morning. I was feeling pretty lazy. It's Good Friday today. Only two more days until I can eat candy. I gave up candy for Lent, I'm so proud of myself. I haven't had a piece of candy since Lent. I'm so good.
Yesterday I didn't go to the gym. I wanted to watch Allen Iverson play. He's pretty cute, sorry Willie. But you think Alyssa Milano is cute so hey, what can you do? I have to practice getting all my junk up in my luggage. I don't want to overpack. I have so much crap to take, I don't know how I'm going to survive without all the usual stuff I have at home. Oh well. Hopefully I'll be more pre-occupied with just being there than worrying about what I'm wearing or what not.
Fred is running all over southern California looking for a jacket. He is all self-concious because we've been scaring him, like saying, you are going to wear those shoes? He's all paranoid now. Truthfully I don't really care how they boys look. I just want to not stick out too much. Plus there is that whole ordeal with and my purse. I still have two. I guess I should send the other one back sometime this week. Oh well. It's their fault for advertising the wrong thing on their web page.
So I really have nothing to talk about. I had lots to talk about before, but Blogger kept having all these technical difficulties. Watch it's going to happen again. I had this big old long glob and it didn't even take it because of all the probs it's been having. Hopefully it won't happen this time. Let's pray. Brad Pitt is so yummy. I was watching Fight Club again the other night and he just has the oddest weirdest things about him that make him so attractive.
Willie: You are attractive too honey. Don't get me wrong. I miss ya lots and I can't wait to see you tomorrow. Love you! hee2!
bye, cha
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Test blog, it hasn't been working for me lately!
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ONLY 8 MORE DAYS!!! I can't believe I am leaving so soon. I definitely have a lot of stuff to do. I haven't even practice paced yet. I know I'm a nerd. But I like to be prepared. I'm really super nervous about losing money or misplacing stuff. I'm just a big old worry wart. I can't help it. I have to always be worrying about something. If I didn't have anything to worry about I'd be lost. So this is a normal thing. This cold thing still hasn't gone away. Jillian is still a little sick too. My head is still pretty congested. I can never breathe out of my nose during the day. A new Dark Angel is on tonight. I'm pretty excited. See what a nerd I am. I'm even excited to go to the gym tonight. That is lame. I haven't been since Thursday of last week. I really need to go. I am feeling weird since my pants are starting to get a little tighter. I need to really work out. I totally forgot to eat last night. At around 11:00 or 10:00 I realized that I hadn't eaten dinner. By that time it is way too late to eat. I had already showered and gotten into bed. Oh well. Not eating could not hurt me.
I have to take care of all my bills before I leave. Geez, there is so much to think about. I don't even know if Willie has scheduled the shuttle to come pick us up on Wednesday morning. I should ask him about that. I just did he's on my IM. Oh he just told me that he did, last week. What a boy.
I love him. He's almost perfect. haha. Well I should go. Gots to earn that $$$. bye
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