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It's official... Bonnie and Fred are coming with! Woo Hoo! Yeah. Now me and Willie have a photographer. Cool! Haha. No seriously I'm glad we get to experience this awesome opportunity with some great friends. We are definitely going to have a blast. I can't believe that their boss almost didn't let them go. That would have seriously sucked a**. But I'm glad everything worked out. We are going to finalize travel plans tomorrow when I go up there. This is going to be awesome.
I should be heading to a work event. The dang softball game, but my aunts and my cousin are in town from Seattle. Plus my cousin Rachel who I haven't seen or spoken to since I was lik 19 or 20 is in town with her husband. I guess to see her in-laws. But she wants to patch things up and have brunch or breakfast or something like that. I'm a little nervous to tell you the truth. Who knows what might happen or come up. Well I'm sure everything will be fine. The power went out yesterday around 4:30p.m. Everyone was going to head home. What the heck is the point of sticking around for half an hour when there is no electricity. You can't work at your computer. You can't e-mail or call someone. You could, I guess do all the paperwork you might have fallen behind on. But geez. I don't know.
I have a feeling I'm going to be crying a lot in Europe. I always cry like that when we go places. I think I cried when we went to New York and Chicago. I know I cried when I was in Florida with Willie. Dang. I'm just a big old crybaby! Geez. Well we are celebrating another friends b-day at Bucca di peppos this Friday. This time it's James. I don't know how old he's turning. All I know is that he has a dang house. Me and Willie can't even begin to imagne what it would take to buy a whole house. Geez. It's out in Tustin so it's probably all posh. We'll probably head there afterwards or to some bar. I don't know if I can do the whole bar thing. I'm like not into that. Well I should go now. It's almost time to head to the gym. Got a lot of fat to get rid of! Damn! No more girlscout cookies. bad charissa haha. Okay gotta run...bye2.
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It is Wednesday.... *sigh* only three more days until I get to see Willie. Oh wait. I mean I'll either see him today or tomorrow. We've made an arrangement to see each other at least once during the week. So we picked Wednesday. To make things emotionally easier on ourselves. I think it wil help me a lot. I don't know how Willie is going to deal with this. I know he hates traffic. But hopefully this will end up being a beneficial thing. I know it's a lot of driving, but at least we don't live as far away from each other as Marissa and Eric. That is far. You can't get any futher than that in regards to Los Angeles, well not really LA, it's at the very edge of the northern most part of LA. Even past the Valley. And Eric still lives in SD near Qualcomm. Oh well. They are both moving up to SF anyways, so they have nothing to stress about.
I'm trying to drink a lot more water. I do already, but I'm trying to drink more than my average 6-7 glasses a day. I'm shooting for 9-10. That is a lot. I'm going to be peeing like crazy. I'm almost done with my second. I haven't had to pee yet. But I've got all day.
It's all noisey up in my office, my co-workers have been discussing something rather loudly. You would figure that some people would try to talk a little softer if you are on the phone with someone, but NO. Geez. Whatevers.
I love you Willie I can't wait to see you tonight or tomorrow. I'm sad that I don't get to see you this Friday. But that's okay. You need to get your car. No more dadadadadadadada. You know what I'm talking about. Hee2. I love you honey. Hope to see you soon. Okay, I should go back to work now. Byeeee.
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I HATE PACIFIC BELL AND BANK OF AMERICA You know one day I am going to own my own company and I will refuse to use Pac Bell or Bank of America. They are seriously ridiculous. I accidentally clicked the wrong payee on my online banking account so the people who should have had my money don't and the people that do have aren't giving it back as quickly as I just gave it to them. I know part of the reason why my payment hasn't been made to my account is because I'm the dumbass but since Pac Bell and cingular are the same damn company you would think that they could transfer the funds over from the wrong account. Well anyways...Charles turned 29 yesterday... haha just kidding he's what... 25? Yup, he is 25. I didn't know Willie was older than him. Wow, Charles, you are young. Well, not as young as me *twinkle* Hee2!
So his girlie is in town. Saela lives in New York where she's a dancer. How cool. Charles move to New York already!!! I hope I get to see both of them while she's in town. Well I bought two more books for our trip to London and Paris. I can't wait. Seriously. I'm getting all excited just thinking about it. It's going to be fun!!! Anytime I'm sad, I should just think about that and my mood will take a complete 180. Okay, I don't feel as stressed anymore.
Well it also helps that my co-worker just showed me her school i.d. and its definitely a looker. Haha. She's funny. I need to see Willie. I know this is really random. But I'm just typing what's on my mind. I'll blog later...bye.
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So we're back fron Vegas. It was fun hanging out with my honey all weekend. I gave the boy $40 of my own money to gamble with and he lost everything but $5. So I bumped him out of the chair and decided to take control and get my money back myself. Hahaha. Well that's really not the whole story. Willie had to go to the bathroom and so I took over for a little while and when he came back I didn't want to let him back in the seat. Hahaha. But this was a good thing. Got all my money back, plus some. So anyways... I'm so excited about going to London and Paris. We are going to take the Chunnel over to Paris as soon as we get there. But the even bigger news is that Fred and Bonnie are coming with us. How cool is that going to be? Fred will be celebrating his 26th birthday over there. That is going to be lots of fun. They just have to find airfare and all that jazz. I should be reserving our train tickets and hostel spaces tomorrow. I'll let you know what I get.
I'm at work and I'm feeling pretty tired. I want to go home. I can barely keep my eyes open. By the way, Willie you are on K! I love you. hee2.
Anyways...I should get some work done. Willlie: I miss you like crazy. Miss me too! Ta ta for now!
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