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Well it's FRIDAY!!!!Yeah! I haven't blogged in three days. Wow. I'm heading to Vegas today with my baby. We're going to watch my sister's competition. Ah memories. That was me last year. Dang, it seems like it was three years ago or something. Well times have changed. And now I can do more things than go to rehearsal. Damn that took up a lot of time. But I'm glad I did it. I feel so bad for cancelling out on Bonnie and Fred, but man Europe is going to be awesome. That would be so cool if they came with us. I hope they seriously look into it. It would be so much fun.
I'm not ready for this drive. It's going to be horrific for me. I didn't get much sleep last night. I was too busy looking up things for London in the book I just purchased. I want to buy a Paris one too and then get a more in-depth one for London. One with more pictures and better maps. I'm so going to look like a damn tourist. Especially with Willie if he trys to do all his funny accents. God, I hope he doesn't do them while we are in front of the locals. That is going to be emberassing. Is that how you spell that? Anyways.... I can't wait to see Willie. I miss you babe! See you in about an hour and 40 minutes!!!! Love you!
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Can you believe all the craziness that is going on around here. Santana HS has become the center of attention because a freshman male open fired on campus killing two and injuring another 13. Isn't that terrible. It sucks. One of the girls that marches on Esperanza goes to that school. Nan and Amy both went there. It is pretty scary. You never think it's gong to happen anywhere near you, and all of a sudden it does. Some kids and parents really need to learn. You have seen this stuff happen before and you figure people would talk about it and learn. But they don't. This is exactly why I don't want to have kids. I don't want to bring them up in this kind of world. Jodie had a good point, this is exactly why we should have kids because it seems like all the dumb asses in the word are having kids while people like us are not. So stupid people are having more stupid people. I don't even want to get started on that. I have issues regarding welfare and government subsidized programs, etc. I could start a whole new blog on that.
Well it's official, I can go to London-baby! I'm so excited. Now I have to go get my passport picture taken and then retrieve my birth certificate from the safety deposit box tomorrow. Now I can go buy a damn book. I went to the book store to check out some guides to London but didn't want to just in case my request for vacation was denied. I'm going to London!!! I wish Jill could come with us. That would be so cool. I know she wants to go there too. But hey, that's the price you pay to be a part of Esperanza.
We are heading out ot Las Vegas this weekend, even though Willie is already there. Poor guy, he hasn't been able to stay in his own bed for more than two days in a row. I feel bad... But we're going to LONDON!!! YIPPEEEEEE. You don't even know how excited I am. I cannot wait! Well I'm going to have to. Well guys... I'm signing off. Perhaps I'll blog tonight... play around with my template. Willie: Love you babe! I miss you lots and can't wait to see you on Friday... this trip is really taking my mind off of other things... that's a good thing. Hurry home!!!
Love, cha
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I'm back at work and this morning I totally blanked and called Willie in Vegas. DUH! I'm lame. Anyways... so we are postponing our trip to Yosemite so that I can use that time off to go to London. How awesome is this trip going to be? I'm so excited. Well I can't get too excited. I haven't even gotten my passport yet or gotten the time off from work. My boss is moving into her new place and she took a little time off. Her new condo is so cute. It makes me want to buy a place, yeah right, if I only had the money! Well I hope it won't be too terrible to take all that time off. I really feel bad for asking for it. But this is such a great opportunity, I can't pass it up. I feel bad for needing to postpone the trip, now we have to pay a cancellation charge and everything. But I think that charge is a little less significant than an entire trip to London. They can still go, we just can't. I feel so bad. Oh well, if they had a chance to go, I think they would too.
Willie: I love you sweetheart, hurry home so we can spend time together again... *sniff sniff* I miss you like crazy!!!! Don't gamble too much!
Love, cha
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Well it's Sunday... Not a sight of blue sky up there... I wish it would just rain already. Anyways...Willie left again. This time for Vegas. Wow...I can't believe we spend so much time apart. At least I got to see him for a little while. Our three year anniversary is coming up soon. Towards the end of this month. March 28th to be exact. I can't believe we've been together for so long. It is weird. Well Willie told me that we have the opportunity to go to London together. I've already talked to Mom and Dad and they seem cool with it. Now all that's left is to find out if it's okay with Nikki at work. I'm kinda scared to ask. I've already asked for three days off in May. We'll see. We went to see the Lion King yesterday. I have to say that Aida was better musically speaking. Otherwise, the costumes and the set were amazing. They did an awesome job. On Friday it was Bonnie's birthday celebration at Bucca di Peppos... I think that's what it was. It was fun. The food is pretty good there, but I love pasta and so does Willie so we were pretty biased. The atmosphere is great for the birthday kinda thing. It was pretty fun.
Willie is totally into that game Dance Revolution...He's all making fun of Fred for being into it and he likes it himself... haha.
Since our anniversary is coming up, I was going to blog about what I'm getting or have gotten for him, but since he reads this... I can't... I'll just have to keep it a secret. Well Willie if you get a chance to read this I miss you very much... Hurry Home!!!!!!! I love you!
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