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Hi... I just got back from a family thing that I was guilted into going to but it was still pretty entertaining. The party was fun last night... Got to re-meet some really nice people. Melissa you are a load of laughs girl! Anyways... I miss my boy. He's off in Orlando having fun at Islands of Adventure with his boss and co-worker... while I'm here listening to funny ass stories from my Dad's side of the family.

It's raining here again. I'm so happy. That means we are going to have some great snow...!!!!!! I want to go tomorrow... but it wouldn't be the same without Willie.

Well that's enough... I'm feeling tired... I need to go work out... perhaps that is what is zapping all my energy. I need to get active again. Well Willie if you are reading... I love you sweetheart....

Till next time. Cha
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Well I know I just blogged this morning but Damn!!!!! It has stopped raining. I'm just a little sad. Well I the only good thing is that this increases my hopes for a better ride up to OC. Usually the rain makes the traffic unbearable. I wish I was driving up there and Willie would be there. Oh well... anyways... I'm promising myself not to get depressed about that kinda stuff anymore. So.... it sucks, one of my co-workers left for Tahoe today... HI jealous! And I'm hungry for real food...damn... oh well.

Aiko: Hi if you ever end up going to this page!!! Thought I would say hello to you since you are the first person I've told about this besides Willie!
See ya tonight!

Okay bye ... Cha2
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Wow, this is my first cool. Anyways...I just wanted to give a hello to my boy who's out in Florida to teach a class... I (L) you honey....and I miss you like crazy... There is one thing good going on over's raining and you know what that means?! Yeah baby, SNOW!!!! We are definitely going up the weekend after you get back. I miss you like crazy....did I already say that... Well anyways... I'm going to my friends b-day tonight... Hi Ann if you ever get to read this... Happy 23rd! I haven't seen you since New Years in Vegas... I can't wait to see ya!

Well I should be getting to work. Baby, I miss you and I hope you miss me too... can't wait to see you when you get back... *think snow* Love ya!

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