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listening to ---> someone's loud ass typing next door

days till i'm no longer singe ---> 116

Its Tuesday, blah, but its Fat Tuesday... yahoo... luckily I'm not Catholic anymore so I don't have to give up anything for Lent this year. But I still might. I was thinking chocolate, but then why deprive yourself of yummy food? So that's a negative GhostRider on the chocolate. Then I thought, hey I'll give up something... but I can't tell anyone what it is. It'll be a tough one, but I should really do it anyway. So I will keep my secret to myself and see if I can make it till Easter :).

So Willie is out driving around LA with a lady from his work, totally forgot her name. And I guess they're gonna have dinner up there, trying to "wait out the traffic". Uh-huh, yeah... whatevers. I'm not mad or anything, b/c I wouldn't want him to be upset if I went out to dinner with a co-worker, b/c I do it all the time. But them alone in a car together... just them two... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yeah... I'll keep my mean thoughts to myself.

So work is sucking A. I'm so behind, and I probably shouldn't be blogging, but hey it takes like 5 minutes, no biggie. Plus I stayed hella late last night. So there! But I'm going back to work b/c I just looked on my desk and freaking SOMEONE put shit in the wrong place... grrr, will she ever learn, don't think so. F...

Aiight, lates
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listening to ---> wedding CD from Michelle and Sam's wedding :)

days till i'm no longer single ---> 18

In the middle of a battle of wits with my future in laws, well not even really, b/c W's mom doesn't speak english, so wtf... its not fair that b/c of their beliefs, W and I have to suffer. Okay, gotta remember one thing out of all of this, never marrying a Korean guy ever again, that's for damn sure.

Watched Finding Nemo again on Saturday morning, W wanted to see it, damn there were a lotta kiddies up in there. W said he kept getting distracted, it was pretty cute though, at one serious part of the movie, you hear this one kid go:
Son: Mommy...
Mom: Yes son
Son: I love you...
Mom: Yes i know honey, i love you too, but shhhhh.

Again later at the very end:

Son: Mommy? I just want more popcorn, can we just get more popcorn...
Mom: Yes dear, the movie is almost over.

So cute.

Anyways, have to share my dissatisfaction of my SPA experience over the weekend.

So i have my four treatments done, get an herbal wrap, a full body massage, a facial, and a pedicure, ahhh, all relaxed, take a nap when i got home... cell phone rings, totally ignore it b/c i'm relaxing... check my voicemail later and i hear this...

Wendy from the SPA: Hi Charissa, this is Wendy from Sante Day Spa, hope you had a good day. One thing, looks like Jenny undercharged you by $60, so we're just going to charge you another $60 and then add 15% on top of that b/c you didn't tip very well. If you have any questions go ahead and give me a call... I'll be here on Monday, I'm sure you'll be okay with this....


First of all, not my responsibility to make sure YOUR employees take care of their shiz... so fast forward to Monday:

get a call at work
Cha: Hi, this is Charissa
Wendy: Hi Charissa, this is Wendy from Sante Day Spa, did you get my message, did you understand it?
Cha: Yes, I got it, but I actually have a problem with it, but I'm gonna have to give you a call right back.

We say our good byes.

Later that day, I finally get in touch with Wendy, she returns my call back on my cell phone (still at work its about 5:35 pm):

Wendy: Hi Charissa, so let me explain what happened, it was Jenny's first Sunday here, and I stepped away from the office to run home real quick while she was ringing you up (totally not true - saw her right there as i was signing for the amount they charged me). So you have to understand she's not very experienced with all this.
Cha: Oh I understand your problem, just don't think its MY responsibility as the customer to have to fix a mistake your employee made. I signed for a specific amount, was not given an invoice totalling up my services, and I tipped what I felt was appropriate. I don't believe you have the legal right to add charges to my credit card AND add more tip, b/c i only signed for a certain amount.
Wendy: Well it is your responsibility to pay for your treatments in full. Its your moral responsibility to pay us.
Cha: I did pay, you gave me a piece of paper with an amount on it and i paid it. And its not my "moral" responsibilty to make sure you do your job correctly. I'm the CUSTOMER. And I don't understand how you are still in business if this is how you treat your clients when YOU make a mistake. When you make a mistake as a business, you eat it, you don't call your customer and demand more money from them.
Wendy: Well it happens all the time where we miss charge someone and they just pay it and agree to it.
Cha: if this happens all the time and other people are fine with it, then Good for you, but you just lost a possible returning customer and I can guarantee you, that no one I know will be going to your SPA ever.

So she goes on and on about the excuses of why this has happened and WHY i shouldn't have a problem with it.

Eventually she just says, well i'll credit your account, i don't want to fight with you about this. We hang up.

She calls back AGAIN 15 minutes later (still at work):
Wendy: Hi, i credited your account with the extra money we charged. And I was talking to someone about this and they agree with me that you should just pay and I don't want to argue with you...blah blah blah
Cha: (interrupting her) Look, I'm tired of you arguing with me about this, you keep saying you don't want to argue, but by you calling me and telling me I'm immoral in not paying you, that's just ridiculous and I'm tired of thinking about this. So if I see the charge, i'm disputing it, even if you did reverse it. It won't go through till two days later. So have a great day and good luck with your business....
Wendy: (still babbling) - (Sharon thinks she sound slike she's HIGH....)blah blah blah
(TOTALLY HANG UP ON HER MID SENTENCE) - very tired of speaking with her.

So that was my lovely first experience with a SPA. Don't ever go to Sante Day SPA... it sucks ASS... well at least their employees do.

SO anyways, back to work, b/c after this whole Willie thing and i'm so emotionally drained, they should fire me... :-/

xoxo cha

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listening to ---> potential first dance songs

days till i'm no longer single ---> 25 - good God!

So the lakers lost, oh well, I blame them for my boring ass summer downtime. haha. Its all good, we'll get em next year *sigh*, the bright news... THE QUEENS AREN'T IN EITHER!!!! hahaha. goood!

So my latest flick catches: The Matrix Reloaded, Bruce Almighty, and Finding Nemo... this is going to be an awesome summer for movies... that's all I can say. I laughed my ass off last night watching Finding Nemo, Bruce Almighty pleasantly surprised me, and how could things get any better with Keanu Reeves barely speaking and just looking gooooooood??? :-p

One bummer, Charlies Angels 2 comes out THE DAY BEFORE OUR WEDDING, WTF, have they no consideration??? hehe. Oh well, we can catch that flick in Maui... ummm NO, got some better things to do on my honeymoon... like SHOPPING, just found out at the shops at Maui (their big mall) has a Louis Vuitton AND a Tiffany & Co!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be in HEAVEN. Beaches EVERYWHERE and LV and T&C.... ahhh, if there were a Mecca for me, it would be this... haha.

So things are coming along nicely with the wedding (quite happy as a matter of fact), picked up my dress last night with my Sista... I'm really glad Jillian is finally into it. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about how cool we used to be... hopefully now that Esperanza is done, we can get back to old school hanging out. She's developed this "I'm too cool to do that" kind of attitude sometimes, but I think it'll wear off, she's still just the big old dork that i love. :)

I have some work gripes but you know what, i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO over all this shiznit, i'm moving on. I need a new job anyway :-p. Okay, so before they fire me, i should get back to work... lates yo, dude, sweet, totally! - and i actually do speak like those turtles, just not as severe!!!!

xoxoxo, cha
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listening to ---> the muffled jibber jabber coming from the office next door

days till i'm no longer single ---> i'm afraid to count

Ok, so the lakers are down 3-2, that's ok, they COULD'VE won last night, the rim is rigged, that's all i gotta say. I know there's a guy with this little remote control that shrinks or enlarges the hoop at San Antonio. :) haha. Anyways, even if they lose this year, its ok, three in a row, is a pretty darn great accopmlishment.

So anyways, i'm hungry, not that that has anything to do with this BLOG, but just thought I'd share. So my goal to lose 20 pounds before the wedding is pretty much shot out the window. Oh well. I'll just get to be a big old heffer up there in front of everyone i know. haha.

So we've rec'd like 20+ RSVPs, all saying they're coming... oh good God, we're in trouble. haha. Oh well, if we have a lotta people, we have a lotta people. Feel like... you know what, nevermind...

Moved in last Friday. Fun, tired, poor now. Still need to purchase a dining room table. Really want to buy a new bed, but the other one is still pretty darn new, only like a year and a half old I think... maybe two. i dunno. How un-economical would we be to just buy a new one? eh... guess we'll see how much $ we get, if any...

Freaking Mrs. P, what the heck was up with those Ugly ass ceramic containers... wtf... i would have rather she not bought us a present at all, b/c after we saw those ugly things, we had to decide what to do with them. All I can say is SOME PEOPLE ~roll my eyes~ and move along. I think some people are just REALLY REALLY REALLY bad at purchasing gifts... I personally would not buy a gift for someone that I would not want myself, that's just my rule of thumb. And I think if most people in the world followed that, we'd be a happier gift-giving/receiving society :).

Ok, i need to find food, laters!!!


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listening to ---> my illegal space heater

days till i'm no longer single ---> 54

Bring on San Antonio Baby! So anyway its Cinco De May and check this out....

ssumolang: does OSEC usually celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
the cuuutest: no not really
ssumolang: oh, I thought there would be some kind of happy hour event like St. Patrick's day

Umm, yeah, not gonna happen eh....? I'm mean... I need to be nicer... esp since someone could totally just read this.

Ok, so gotta drive down to Mission Valley today, perfect opportunity for me to pick up my toasting flutes, BUT I have to bring Shalina with me, BUT, her BOSS isnt' here for me to ask if that's OK!!! wtf... Its 9 freaking Thirty! Anyways, I guess she overslept, but I have to ask her a few things...


I'm tired and I watched X-Men last night with Willie, Bodax and Fred. That was a good flick, totally recommend it. So we mail out the invites today, hopefully, if Willie remembered to bring them to work.... probably not.

Ok, i'm freaking HUNGRY.... need to find sustinence, lates.

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listening to ---> people walking by in the hall

days till i'm no longer single ---> 157

Yahoo, the Lakers FINALLY closed out the damn series against the Timberwolves, sheesh that was annoying. So on to the Semis against San Antonio, so excited, b/c I really like to watch Tony Parker play. Hope the Lakers can get themselve sout of this one.

So I just got a call from Marco, only to find out he's been working up here in c-bad for about a month and just NOW tells me. That butthead :). So now we can go to lunch, yahoo! He works at Upper Deck, gotta find out what he can hook me up with :).

So just finished the invites up for Mom's friends and family. Doesn't feel like there were that many, but on the other hand, Willie has the majority of them, so I just have a handful. I have to think of something to buy Connie to thank her for her generosity, they're much better than those generic invitations that everyone sends out, not that I would care so much if I did end up with those, b/c I do think most of them are very nice. But, definitely wouldn't have had our picture on the back of it :). So cute.

Got the e-pics back from Georgia a while ago. Now the tough part, choosing which one of those beautiful pics to use... I really like how they turned out, but it seems like the one pic i hate the most, EVERYONE and their mom likes it and says its the best one, go figure.

So the Bridal shower is Saturday, kinda bummed that Krista, Sarah, AND Johanna can't make it. :( Oh well, hopefully they can make the bachelorette shindig we're gonna have. I don't want it to be a big deal or anything, would really like something lo-key and i've told Vick that anyway. So hopefully it will work out.

Ok, back to work, might blog later, a lot to catch up on.

laters yo.
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